Carolyn Shimmer Body Butter (Bronze)
Carolyn Shimmer Body Butter (Bronze)
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Carolyn Shimmer Body Butter (Bronze)

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 Made to bring out the inner glow in you! ✨

  • anti-inflammatory and healing properties

  • soothes eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis

  • improves skin texture

  • helps with hyper-pigmentation and dark spots

  • restores skin elasticity

  • reduces stretch marks

  • moisturizes skin


  • organic unrefined raw white shea butter

  • organic coconut oil

  • avocado oil

  • vitamin e oil

  • non-toxic glitter

Apply on damp or wet skin. By applying to damp skin seals in the moisture, leaving the skin moisturized with a shimmery glow.

CAUTION: Store in cool temperatures of 45 degrees or lower for product to remain solid. 😉 If kept in warm temperatures body butter will melt into a liquid. Recommend storing body butter in refrigerator during warmer months.  — if product melts, NO WORRIES it will re-solidify & feel exactly the same!