C. Mari Beauty is an all-natural skincare brand curating clean products with an impactful message affirming all to embrace their inner beauty.

In 2018 upon trying a ton of products that didn't work, filled with chemicals and skin stripping ingredients, Ciara knew there had to be a better way for skincare! After the frustration of no quick solutions she began to research natural remedies for acne and skincare. Creating the first product, the Gabi Glo Scrub and seeing instant results she knew this was something she wanted to fully invest herself into. With the positive feedback from this one product motivated her to expand into making more products, which lead to the full product launch in 2020. 
Founder Ciara Mari, is constantly inspired by her families love, support, and dedication to self-care since she was a child. This led her to name all products after family members to pay tribute to the positive influence they've had in her life.